Twitter Hashtags for SEO – A Great Tool for Your Local Business

A big part of a well-planned internet marketing strategy is to use all channels of traffic to bring qualified leads and traffic to your website.
Twitter Hashtags for SEO

WSI Milton, has helped hundreds of local businesses get more traffic from the search engines and social media.

Today, I’m going to share a very powerful tip on how local business owners can use twitter to get more clients.

If you still haven’t started with Twitter, then 2013 is the best year to start.

Twitter is currently growing at a very fast rate with over 200 Million users last Dec 2012.

This post will not be about how to setup a twitter account but on how to use Twitter #hashtags for your Local Business.

If you need help with setting up your social media profiles like Google+, Facebook Fanpage and Twitter accounts, you can download this free guide .

So What are #Twitter #Hashtags?

Basically, twitter hashtags are words that includes the number operator sign (# sign).

Here are the Trending Hashtags in Twitter (as of Jan 15, 2013)


When you click on those links, you’ll see the latest tweets (messages) from people who have included those hashtags.

Hashtags are very powerful because they allow you to find highly targeted and relevant twitter users in your business or niche.

But How can Local Business Owners Use the Twitter #Hashtags for their business?

It’s actually simple.

You can do 2 things with the Twitter hashtags.

First, use it to locate what your target customers are talking about. You can also use it to find where they are.

Here’s an example. If I want to know what’s the latest in the SEO niche, All I need to do is use the #SEO hashtag in my twitter search url.

You can also use the advanced twitter tool here for searching twitter.

Use the Twitter hashtag to find tweets that are location based.

If I want to know who’s tweeting in Toronto or Oakville, all I need to do is search for the hashtag, #toronto and #oakville.

You can also try searching for multiple hashtags in one query. You can try searching #SEO and #Toronto at the same time to find tweets with #SEO and #Toronto as hashtags

Try searching for hashtags relevant to your niche. Try different keywords as well. It’s not uncommon to find that no one is using that hashtag.

For example, I’m using the hashtag #seoninja and no one is using it, but it’s ok because you can basically create your own hashtag.

TIP: Use hashtags of your Business name. This creates and boosts the relevance to your brand in twitter.

Finally, use Twitter hashtags to connect with the influencers in your business.

Find people who are tweeting and communicating quality tweets in your niche.

Build relationships with them and your clients.

You can also use Hashtags to create exclusivity of your tweets.

In conferences and seminars, the host usually provides the crowd with a hashtag that they can use to connect with the presenters and attendees.

There are tons of ideas on how to use Twitter Hashtags.

Now, start using them to boost your local business.

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  • Saul Fleischman

    Ryan, hashtags can be relevant to your topic, and help you reach beyond your followers – in fact, #hashtags are powerful on over 45 social networks and even places to sell, like ebay, etsy, and istockphoto. At RiteTag, we call this #SSO: social sharing optimization. And we hope you’ll look at – a bootstrapped startup and tool that I founded.

    The quick-take:
    RiteTag lets you search words to get tags that reach topic-following people, those interested in your blog posts, videos, artwork, photographs, and even offers in eBay and Amazon, shows you the when, who, how many times, and what in the content that has been tagged with a tag related to your query, and lets you do a few more things as well. RiteTag is not an SEO tool, its a SSO “social sharing optimization” tool: for optimizing your content in social media to reach more, with relevancy.

    G+ Hangout and let me demo RT for you soon?

    • Ryan

      Signed up for the beta. Sounds Great! Thanks Saul.