Like This Button, Facebook’s Version of Pagerank?

Facebook’s Like This Button Has Now Become More Important As Facebook Officially Allows Most Liked Articles To Rank Higher In Their Search results. Is This Facebook’s Own Version of PageRank?

A quick Search of the keyword “IPAD” on your Facebook Account Will Show that a Facebook Fan page with over 62,958 Likes is definitely on top of the Search results.

Facebook has recently acquired a US Patent on how a computer system can increase ranking based on the “likes” of a particular demographic.

This is brief description of what their newly approved Patent does:

Ranking search results based on the frequency of clicks on the search results by members of a social network who are within a predetermined degree of separation

This new Patent shows that Facebook is serious in giving relevant results to more than half a billion of it’s members. Though Facebook has not officially said anything about search results, it looks like a shift to it’s grand ambition of providing relevant results in it’s search using the Open Graph Protocol.

In a Previous Article, Just this May 2010, Facebook only allows the Facebook Fan Page to Be Indexed by the Search Engines. But Now, with this recent change in the like Button, Posts, Videos and Other Content that has higher “likes” will receive better Search Engine rankings…

A Quick Search of the Phrase “Videos Posted By Hyundai” in Google yields very interesting Results…

Notice the Search results yielding Facebook Results.

And now let’s look at the top Post with about 100 Likes…

Our recommendation, Make sure you have a facebook account, network with friends and start sharing. Content that goes viral can bring lots of traffic to your websites and business.

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