Get The Right Leads With Pay-Per-Click Marketing … While You Sleep!

Have you ever clicked on a sponsored result – a pay-per-click ad- when you’ve done a Google search?

If you answer no, you’re either:

  • Involved in the internet marketing industry
  • The exception, not the rule
  • Confused about what results are paid and what ones are organic

If you have yet to use this tool to generate leads for your business, or aren’t sure if you’re getting it quite right, this brief video outlines the steps of creating a campaign.

Consumers Click on Paid Ads. We Have Proof.

Check out our case study that demonstrates PPC advertising bringing more than 15X the traffic that Yellow Pages and Canada 411 listings do.

For the average B2C company, PPC secures close to the same amount of leads that SEO does. If you’re not doing a paid campaign, or you’re not doing one well, you’re missing out on almost double the leads you’re currently getting.

When a keyword phrase signifies buying intent (as opposed to research) paid listings outperform organic 64.6% to 35.4%.

Many Landscape Contractors Fail to Manage Their Campaigns for the Greatest Success

It is possible to manage a PPC campaign in-house, but you will only succeed if you are targeting the right keywords. Selecting the phrases that your visitors will click through and convert (submit their contact info, purchase, or whatever your goal is for them) is what internet marketing agencies excel at. This is what gives you the best return on your advertising budget.

And the exciting thing about PPC: contrary to tradition print ads, you can determine your return on each advertising dollar with 100% confidence.

Curious to know Which Competitors are Reaping Rewards from Paying for Clicks for Your Keywords?

Investigate For Yourself. Type in the words that you think your consumers would search to find a service like yours.

Once you do this, it’s easy to see the benefits of paid search engine listings in action.

When doing a search for “landscaping Milton”, without scrolling down the page, here’s what I notice:

  1. There are 7 organic listings
  2. There are 9 paid listings
  3. 5 of the organic listings do not display any page description or ad copy
  4. All of the paid ads display ad copy (some not well optimized, but the opportunity to persuade the consumer is there)
  5. The ad copy can be targeted at the exact search term the user entered, allow it to easily establish relevancy for the searcher, while you have less control over the page description that displays for an organic.

landscaping milton search

Now is the time that homeowners are searching for landscape contractors to complete their spring projects. Don’t lose out on leads who are ready to buy- sign up with Google Adwords  today, evaluate your existing campaigns, or contact WSI Milton & enjoy an increase in business this spring/summer.

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