Facebook Major EMAIL Update [Live] Major Announcement From Mark ZuckenBerg

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Facebook Is Going To Have A MAJOR Email Overhaul…. Watch Out…


Facebook Update

Mark Zuckenberg, the FACEBOOK Ceo is going to announce a Major Email Update Announcing Possible changes to how we USE Email and maybe also SMS…

“Email is too Slow” – Were among the first words spoken by Mark Zuckenberg at FB recent Announcement…

Facebook Launches New Messaging System Slowly…

Watch live streaming video from facebookinnovations at livestream.com

So Here’s the Latest Buzz on the New Gmail / Email Killer from Facebook…

First it’s not an Email Killer. Facebook is releasing a New Messaging System that seamlessly Integrates all your messages across 4 Major Communication platforms:

I love the idea that Facebook wanted to create something that is easy to use and something that “removes” the technology behind communication.

Imagine this scenario…

You’re online in Facebook browsing the Internet, using some cool browsers like Google Chrome or the New Rockmelt and you’ve received an email from your distant relative or friend.

They’ve sent the email to your fbusername@facebook.com, yes that’s your own Facebook Email from the new FB Product.

Then you’ll instantly receive the message in your Facebook messages. Then you can immediately reply to it in Real Time which would then be sent to your relatives’ inbox automatically.

And the great news is you can do all of this across all four communication channels, SMS, Email, IM, or Facebook Messaging.

Other great features of this new FB messaging product includes, conversation history and the ability to filter out the messages according to your friends. Your friends would act as your SPAM filter so all emails from unknown acquaintances will be bounced by your Facebook email.

So What’s the downside?

This new FB Product will still be needing IMAP support. Which will be rolled out in the next few months. Jabber, and Facebook API is already supported.

Also, before you send your Facebook email (fbusername@facebook.com) to your friends, it will not be available to everyone as of this moment. Registration and access will be by invite for now.

As Facebook rolls out the bugs and gets more feedbacks from users, we can expect to see more and more people using this new Facebook product.

This New Facebook Product definitely wants to “Simplify” Communication and can surely change the way we communicate.

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