Why am I seeing my competitor’s ads everywhere online?

One of our clients, Weed-a-Way, is like most companies- usually wondering what the arnoldcompetition is up to. So he visits their website.

Then, everywhere he goes online, his competitor’s ads are in his face.

This is really annoying!

You think: the whole world must be seeing my competitor’s ads constantly! How can I keep up?! They must be spending a fortune!

But here’s what’s really happening:

Thankfully – your competitor doesn’t necessarily have an advertising budget that’s 100X the size of yours! Not everyone in the world is experiencing what you did, just a few people. The ones that have already visited their website.

They are just employing a tactic called remarketing, and if you’re not doing this yet, you should start now.

How Remarketing Works

1. You visit Company A’s website (but don’t convert into a customer/lead)

2. A cookie is placed on your computer (you’ve probably heard of these cookie things before, it helps websites remember you, they are pretty much harmless).

3. You visit another website that sells ad space

4. They sold ad space to Company A

5. Your cookie signals that you visited Company A and therefore to show Company’s A ad

6. The idea is that through repeated exposure to the brand, you will eventually buy from them

This video gives a good overview of the concept:

How Effective is it?

Did you know that 97% of visitors don’t convert on their first visit to your site?

Most of the time, they are not far enough in their research process to commit, and even if they were impressed with your site/company, it’s easy for them to forget about you once they’ve browsed around.

Remarketing allows you to remind visitors about your company and offerings. It has been shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 125%!

The best part is, it only costs you when it’s working. When someone clicks on one of these ads, you pay for that click, just like PPC advertising. When compared to PPC, remarketing has a lower click percentage, so it will cost you less.

If You’re Not Using Remarketing, You’re Missing Out

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to build a relationship with your website visitors- ask us about remarketing and PPC services.

To learn more about marketing your business effectively online, check out our next free seminar.

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