Why do I need Adaptive SEO (and how to avoid a negative return on investment with the wrong SEO services!)

So, why do you want to be on the first page of Google?

first page

For honour? Prestige? Ego? Fun?

To make money! To get people to find your website, call you up and buy your products/services.

This being said, investing in search engine optimization services is a smart business choice- when done properly, it should help you to achieve the goal stated above. However, return on investment has become a lot trickier to calculate when it comes to search engine services- investing in the wrong type of services could mean worse than just losing the money that you allocated for that purpose.

For example:

Worst case paid Search (aka PPC, Pay Per Click, Google AdWords) scenario:

  • Pay $10,000 for clicks
  • Get $0 sales
  • = 0 ROI

Worst case SEO services scenario:

  • Pay $10,000 for [the wrong] backlinks
  • Get penalized by Google
  • Get delisted from the search engines
  • Spend $200,000 trying to undo the bad backlinks
  • = Negative ROI!

Choose Your Digital Marketing Company Wisely

In today’s Google world you need to be very careful with SEO supplier you work with.

beware of these kinds of claims

beware of these kinds of claims

RED FLAG: Are you buying services based on the number of backlinks? Run away!

Is it based on something ‘manufactured’, ‘faked’, ‘tricking Google’, done overseas or by someone who doesn’t understand your business? Run away!

The only bullet proof way for your SEO strategy to adapt to all of Google’s ongoing changes, is to earn their respect and trust. This is a longer road to success, but a well paved one that will stand the test of time.

Getting Instant Results is not a Realistic Goal

An analogy recently provided at WSI’s Global Convention referred to it as having a choice between a crack dealer and a naturopath.

A hit of crack might give you some instant results, but then you are in rehab for a year afterwards. Same thing with tricky SEO strategies – you might show up on page 1 today, but then get kicked out for months or years afterwards.

The naturopath might take a bit longer to make you feel good, but it’s a long term bill of health.

WSI is your Adaptive SEO Naturopath.

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